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Welcome to the website of Insulated Swimming Pools, we can help you build an insulated swimming pool in any finish including liner, tiles, natural stone or even quartz plaster....the choice is abundant. Our insulation systems can cater to the needs of a wide variety of pool applications, be it small private pools, outdoor spas, or large commercial projects.

The main benefits of having an insulated pool shell are REDUCTIONS in:





What is Insulated Swimming Pools?

ISP is a service to design your swimming pool in a way that the pool shell keeps the heat of the pool water from escaping through the pool walls and pool floor. Of course, the biggest heat loss in a swimming pool is from the water surface, so ISP are also consultants of innovative swimming pool covers and moving floors that lock the heat in. Please see to know more about our pool decks and moving floors.

Why use the services of ISP?

Pool insulation manufacturers, distributors & sellers can be biased towards what they stock and sell, but because we are independent consultants who have no stock to offload, we have no upside in front loading your project scope and can offer an unbiased opinion. We can help you manage the various stages of the build: that means digging the hole, getting rid of the earth and all the other jobs right up until the pool is ready. There are lots of decisions to be made when you are building a swimming pool and we will make you aware of your choices.

How does it work?

If you are reading this, we know that you understand the value of money as well as the importance of having a well designed and installed swimming pool for the enjoyment and safety of your family. We just want you to know that we understand that as well; and we start the process by getting to know what you want and then going about how to achieve that.



Our insulated DIY pool shell packages are the best specified in the market and come with a complete set of insulation (a requirement by building control now) and finishing materials to enable you to install the pool shell with the addition of pre-mix concrete and reinforcement steel. The only other items you need to complete your pool are the plumbing and heating kits available at

The insulated DIY kits are designed to allow you to build the pools up-to a maximum pool depth of 1.80m, and for deeper pools, we have bespoke solutions. All our kits are split into two parts that can be bought separately, so you don’t need to shell out all the cost upfront. To get the total price, choose the pool size then add the pool building and pool finishing kit prices.

Pool building kit prices

The pool building kit includes the required number of 'Insulating Concrete Formwork' blocks that consist of expanded polystyrene (EPS) components utilised as the formwork for reinforced engineered concrete walls cast in-situ. These components come in the form of a block, comprising of two leaves of EPS that are tied together by plastic / galvanised steel inserts. These inserts not only add rigidity to the blocks, but they also add extra reinforcement, strength and crack prevention to the concrete, as well as security for the reinforcement steel which is rested upon grooves in the metal bridges. The result is straight, robust and uniform walls which are easily modifiable to fit the skimmers, grilles, lights and automatic top-up for your pool. Prices are:

SMALL POOL up-to 15 square meters & up-to 1.8m deep (example 6m X 2.5m)  : £4,995 inc. VAT

MEDIUM POOL up-to 24 square meters & up-to 1.8m deep (example 8m X 3m)  : £5,995 inc. VAT

LARGE POOL up-to 40 square meters & up-to 1.8m deep (example 10m X 4m)  : £6,995 inc. VAT

EXTRA LARGE POOL up-to 60 square meters & up-to 1.8m deep (example 12m X 5m)  : £8,495 inc. VAT

When you purchase this kit, you get our pool design package bespoke for your pool worth £295 free of cost from us.

Please note that you would also need the pool filtration first & second fix kits while you are building your pool, and you can get filtration kits that are a 100% compatible to our insulated pool construction system from

Pool finishing kit prices

The pool finishing kit includes the ‘Aquastop Nanoflex’ mesh based tanking system and the required quantity of glass mosaic tiles complete with flexible swimming pool tile adhesive and grout.

Aquastop Nanoflex is an eco‑friendly, breathable, anti‑alkali and chlorine‑resistant, mineral membrane for flexible waterproofing with long lasting high levels of adhesion to substrates before laying with adhesives, ideal for use in swimming pools. The mixed compound develops a smooth, fluid mixture that can be adjusted by varying the amount of water in order to obtain optimal workability for the particular site conditions, guaranteeing maximum adhesion of the bonded system. For the tiles, you have a choice of glass mosaics that can either be in one shade of plain blue or in a mixture of iridescent hues. Prices are:

SMALL POOL up-to 15 square meters & up-to 1.8m deep (example 6m X 2.5m)  : £4,995 inc. VAT

MEDIUM POOL up-to 24 square meters & up-to 1.8m deep (example 8m X 3m)  : £5,995 inc. VAT

LARGE POOL up-to 40 square meters & up-to 1.8m deep (example 10m X 4m)  : £6,995 inc. VAT

EXTRA LARGE POOL up-to 60 square meters & up-to 1.8m deep (example 12m X 5m)  : £8,495 inc. VAT

If you have a preference for a certain type of tile or waterproofing system, you do not need to buy the finishing kit from us, you can just opt for the pool building kit on its own. Or if you are thinking of a liner pool instead of a tiled one, we can ‘SUPPLY & FIT’ the liner at the same price as buying the tiled completion kit that you have to fix yourself.

Remember, the first consultation is free of cost, no obligation, so if anything is not clear or you are unsure of how big your pool would be, just send an email to or fill up the form, it only takes 30 seconds. If you are also not sure about whether to build the pool yourself or to use a full service installer, visit to know about our pool construction partners.



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